The Boy with the Rage & Serenity || Erik & Charles || Hunger Games / XMFC (AU Idea)

Okay lately I’ve been having some fun exploring au scenarios with two different fandoms, like SPN / In Time, TVD / XMFC, etc. And with the Hunger Games trailer out, I just couldn’t resist making this au scenario up, lol! I made a wallpaper too, woot! :P

Set in a future where the Capitol selects two young men from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Charles volunteers to take his younger sister’s place for the latest match. Erik Lensherr is also chosen to fight but unbeknownst to Charles, he held a life-long secret that would threaten to disrupt the rules of the game.

Erik is in love with Charles. Has been ever since childhood, when he first caught sight of the boy at school. He’d been harboring this unrequited love for years now and the truth is only revealed only after they are chosen.

What’s more, they both share a similar likeness, for they are special - they both possess extraordinary abilities that normal citizens of Panem do not have. One of the main reasons why they have both been able to survive so long was because of these powers… But fearful of their families safety, they didn’t use it to turn against the Capitol. (Erik isn’t alone, he has parents that never died in the canon-movie.)

To find a sponsor, however, they disguise themselves as star-crossed lovers under the eyes of the Capitol’s people. Charles is named the Boy with the Blue Eyes to the public, while Erik is known as The Boy With the Rage & Serenity to Charles and him alone. Charles can see through the facade Erik hides under. Erik knows this and only shows his true self to Charles because of it, in spite of the fact that he might actually die by the other man’s hands…

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