Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Ewan McGregor and Michael Fassbender 
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In an alternate world where everyone is forced to relive a past life not of their own, Lester (Fassbender) is on the run to keep his present identity intact. An original identity that crosses over the age limit of 20 years old is considered a valuable “phase”, a source of ultimate freedom that the people of the past (called “Records”) had lost. When 19 year old Keira (Lawrence) saves Lester from being robbed of his name, she accidentally becomes a fugitive of the law. The two are reluctant to be friends but an alliance is made when Whistler (McGregor), an agent that will stop at nothing to drag them into a timeline, comes after them. An unspoken truth is revealed however that will force them to make a choice between breaking the chain of recorded history or keeping the balance of the world.

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The reason why the “the present” people have no true identity after 20 is because the universe cannot have a future over 2030. If it did, a lack of control was inevitable. The “Country” will have no law that will rule over its people. History will be erased, replaced with a new “phase”. This is why people are forced to relive another historical being’s past - to keep the “records” alive.

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