Prometheus || Spoilers Ahead! - Reaction Post

WARNING: Spoilers for PROMETHEUS, read at your own risk!

  • I loved the opening scene where they filmed the beautiful scenery.
  • I didn’t quite understand the DNA scene, but I guess the Engineers were trying to evolve their DNA’s by drinking alien blood/gooey stuff and failing. (Bon appetit!)
  • I’m not even sorry to say that I watched this movie partly to enjoy every second of Michael/David 8 on the screen. IN 3D.
  • I love that he was doing all these ordinary things while waiting for his human counterparts to wake up like riding the bicycle, eating - even though he doesn’t need the sustenance, watching “Lawrence of Arabia” and other people’s dreams - especially Dr. Shaw’s.
  • The 3D sequence for the dream scene was a bit hard to watch but interesting, cause you can tell David 8’s form in the small yellow particles amidst the scenes with Shaw’s memories/dreams.
  • I loved the cast that was chosen for this movie, especially the main characters like Shaw, Charlie, Vickers, Captain of the ship (can’t remember his name), Lucky and the other guy he was making a bet about.
  • I kinda felt sorry about Charlie, although he was a bit of a jackass to David 8.
  • Thus David 8 poisons his drink - quite poetically, like something that might come out of a Shakespearean play.
  • Pretty much loved everything Michael Fassbender did with his character. Srsly, the way he spoke and moved, it was so unnatural and strange - something that a android might definitely do or say.
  • Shaw/David became an OTP after I saw David leaning over her during deep sleep pod and watching her dreams. (*cue Sweet Dreams are Made of This song*)
  • Unfortunately I already knew one spoiler about this movie, which was that Peter Weyland was alive somewhere on the ship. Kinda ruined the surprise for me, but oh well.
  • Elizabeth Shaw/Charlie was actually quite cute, I kinda wanted them to stay together a little bit more but alas… I think David 8 was jealous (or at least that’s what I choose to believe, lol. See what I did there, haha.)
  • Clearly David 8 has enough feelings to know when he’s being mocked/used/put down. (Secretly he is the HBIC that the humans take for granted.)  And he’s like a baby, so curious about the world.
  • He clearly kicks ass at alien languages, can open doors that have strange password codings on them and touch pretty much anything that interests him (aka my point about him not being a complete emotionless robot is right.)
  • One thing that took me off guard though was that Vickers was actually Peter Weyland’s daughter. A child that could’ve owned his whole company had she not rode on the death ship with him just to see the old king fall. She just fell straight with him, which is kind of ironic cause we didn’t even see a close shot of her before she got pancacked by a alien donut shaped ship.
  • The C-Section scene with Shaw made me squirm, eeep. Especially the squiggly octo-alien. Yikes.
  • Plus she was moving around with stitches from taking out her alien intruder baby. o_0 I would probably be alien food if I had C-section and was forced to keep moving like that WITHOUT anesthetics. (Cause clearly Shaw wasn’t using it after a while.)
  • I panicked a bit when I realized the Engineer just broke off David’s head like a whining baby with a second hand toy.
  • And then he threw the head, David’s head.
  • That was still alive, in a sense, mind you.
  • Right next to Peter Weyland, who coded right after David’s chilling comment to him. Srsly, I wouldn’t really be happy to hear “Bon voyage, Mr. Weyland” being said to me before I die (I know that’s not what he said but it was something a little close along that line.)
  • I kinda would love to keep David’s head though, if I can’t have everything else as a whole, lol. Seems like good company.
  • Anyways, after that I pretty much wasn’t interested in hearing what the Engineer might have wanted or had to say. 
  • I guess there’s no reason behind why the Engineer wanted to go to Earth to kill all the humans but I’m still curious. I suppose we’re going to have to find that out in the 2nd Prometheus movie that I heard is coming out (Fassy and Noomi already signing on for the project, YES!)
  • Shaw kicked some more ass by successfully letting the evil octo-face hugger alien get tangled in a “I want to eat you with a hug”, even after all the shit that goes on after for her after she escapes the alien ship.
  • Speaking of that face hugger alien, I don’t think it was quite necessary to show off its teeth scenes - it’s not exactly Biohazard 3D after all. Of course it’s Alien so you’d expect hungry teeth but usually there’s more beauty in the kill. I just wasn’t feeling the beauty/death combination that Ridley Scott seemed to pull off rather well in that particular scene.
  • I thought it was rather ironic when the alien baby pops out of the Engineer and then the movie ends with a classic music ringing in the background.
  • Also, I rather liked the music for the movie - not too overpowering, great suspense at the right moments when needed and it sounded futuristic & foreboding. It probably could’ve been better in terms of emotional triggers, but then again there weren’t too many. The one scene where Shaw watches Charlie die in the fire was probably a great but tragic score befitting that scene.
  • Could’ve been better bits: The characters and actors were great, so I just wish the movie had more time to explore that. Like Peter Weyland and his daughter’s relationship. How they’ve become so jaded as a family and why Vickers became who she was. She wasn’t completely emotionless, as we clearly know when she kills Charlie or when she’s asked if she was a robot by the captain of the ship.
  • Favorite Scenes: Pretty much scenes of David in them, but I particularly love the bit where drops the alien goo into the drink he offers to Charlie. Now that was genius (Fassy also being the fantastic actor that he is.)
  • Favorite conversation: 
    - Charlie Holloway: What we hoped to achieve was to meet our makers, to get answers why they made us in the first place.
    - David: Why do you think your people made me?
    - Charlie Holloway: We made ya ‘cause we could.
    - David: Can you imagine how disappointing it would be for you to hear the same thing from your creator? 
  • One thing that’s bugging is the ending - I like how it ended, I do… but some part of me really wished that the Engineer had accepted David 8. Cause the way David just leaned into their touch like they were his true family was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. (Which is why I hate that the Engineer took off his head.)
  • In my head, I was making speculations where David 8 might actually be infected by something alien and then turning into a human or Engineer (causing even his android body to change and morph into something living with a soul). Alas, that was not to be cause clearly that can’t possibly happen but still.. would’ve been a nice twist I think. :P lol.
  • Although one thing I really love is the fact that David 8 decides to warn Shaw of the danger that was coming her way. Thought it was kinda romantic in a sense, lol. If you count out he part where he tries to cryo-sleep her with the alien baby inside of her. (Okay maybe it’s kind of creepy, lol.)
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