WHAT IF: Hunger Games / Doctor Who Crossover | Part I, II, III, IV
+ Inspired by Anne’s gorgeous Doctor/Katniss post!

She couldn’t hear anything but the disturbing beep in her ears. She tried to move her body but it ached all over. Slowly her blurred vision started to come back to her, and with it another familiar face started to become clearer. Spots of color became more vivid and then full became visible to form the Doctor’s face. She could only see his lips moving, but could tell that the Doctor was in a state of panic. His eyes were close to wild. Katniss could almost hear her name being shouted to her until she realizes that he is calling out to her.

"Katniss!" The Doctor yelled, shaking her as hard as he can. "You have to run now! I know it hurts but you have to get up or you would have survived all of this for nothing!"

"D-Doctor…" Katniss murmured, slowly moving. Her hearing was coming back to her now. And the heat - the smell of something burning was becoming stronger. She could see the black smoke quickly surrounding them. "What-"

The Doctor grabbed her hand then and Katniss… she let everything go. She stopped questioning what happened next and let herself be guided away.

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