+ Doctor Who // Gender!Swap (WHAT IF: FANDOM AU) || Part I, IIIIIIVV // For Anne <3

What if: The Doctor had recently regenerated to his next form, which just so happened to make his appearance into that of a young woman (Jennifer Lawrence). When her Tardis crashes into the backyard of a stranger’s home, she finds a young boy called Michael Pond (Michael Fassbender, younger self played by Chandler Canterbury) living all alone with a mysterious crack on his bedroom wall. She agrees to help him, but due to a series of unfortunate events the Doctor unintentionally leaves Michael alone for 22 long years. 

When she comes back, she has no realization of how many years had passed until the Doctor comes face to face with the boy who had grown up to become a man with issues about trust. He refuses to help her when an alien prisoner causes the world to become a target for elimination because he claims that he does not have anything to live for (later revealed that he had a girlfriend which he lost in a car accident). The Doctor, however, finds a way to connect with Michael and they team up to save the world.

"You’re Michael…" The Doctor exclaimed in shock, her eyes wide. "Five minutes ago you were a little boy! What happened?"

"22 years, Doctor. And I’m not that little boy anymore…" Michael stopped and slowly looked up to see into her eyes. The Doctor saw a weariness that no human should be subjected to if there were any choice in the matter.

"I’ve grown up."

[Expanded ficlet written by my lovely bb, Anne, can be found HERE]

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