+ Doctor Who // Gender!Swap (WHAT IF: FANDOM AU) || Part I, II, III, IV, V // For Anne <3

What if: 
The Doctor had recently regenerated to his next form, which just so happened to make his appearance into that of a young woman (Jennifer Lawrence). When her Tardis crashes into the backyard of a stranger’s home, she finds a young boy called Michael Pond (Michael Fassbender) living all alone with a mysterious crack on his bedroom wall. She agrees to help him, but due to a series of unfortunate events the Doctor unintentionally leaves Michael alone for 22 long years. However after a rather unexpected reconciliation, the pair go off into the universe to discover new planets and adventures.

During these trips, The Doctor and Michael land on a planet where past memories become living moments. This weapon, created by the humans in the future to originally defend themselves from the forces of time itself, had backfired on its creators. It had destroyed half of the human subconscious and caused many to fall into a coma.

When the Doctor is affected by this infection, it causes her to flashback to when she had been forced to kill all the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War. 

"I can’t- No, please. Stop. STOP!" The Doctor screamed at an invisible foe, grabbing her head in agony. Michael saw everything, could feel what she had felt at the time and even feel the heat of the fires burning too close by them.

"Doctor! You have to focus! You were the one who showed me that there is more to live!" Michael shouted, trying to make his voice heard over the terrible screams and sounds of death. "Take my hand!"

The Doctor managed to open her eyes an inch, just enough for her to see Michael’s outstretched hand. She grabbed it and as if an off switch had been pushed, the scenery around them melted and vanished, leaving them in a valley of gold. It was Gallifrey, before the war had struck and its people had gone mad enough to consider the Ultimate Sanction. 

 ”Remember when you told me I should think of happy thoughts when my parents were away? Well, right now I’ll be the one to tell you that.” Michael said as The Doctor wrapped him into a hug.

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