+ Doctor Who // Gender!Swap (WHAT IF: FANDOM AU) || Part I, II, III, IV, V
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What if: 
The Doctor had recently regenerated to his next form, which just so happened to make his appearance into that of a young woman (Jennifer Lawrence). When her Tardis crashes into the backyard of a stranger’s home, she finds a young boy called Michael Pond (Michael Fassbender) living all alone with a mysterious crack on his bedroom wall. She agrees to help him, but due to a series of unfortunate events the Doctor unintentionally leaves Michael alone for 22 long years. However after a rather unexpected reconciliation, the pair go off into the universe to discover new planets and adventures. 

The Doctor, however, quickly becomes aware that they are being followed by the same creatures that had once tried to steal her Tardis away: the Weeping Angels. And she realizes that its time for her to reveal to Michael the true reason behind his girlfriend’s death.

"It was no ordinary accident, Michael. Your girlfriend… Sally Sparrow. I knew her. She was… is a wonderful girl, full of love and laughter. It was only for a short time but she had managed to save me from the angels the first time I encountered them.”

"But… she never mentioned you. Not once…" Michael began, looking confused.

The Doctor put her hand on Michael’s comfortingly. With a deep breath, she spoke once more. “That’s because she’s never met me.”

Michael’s brows creased even further. He felt frustration bubble up from within him. Impatience took away his voice. “What are you talking about, Doctor? Please stop talking in riddles, I can’t stand not knowing…” 

"Michael, the Sally I met was in another Earth. A planet of humans with same faces, personalities… just slightly different lives. Your Sally is dead. But the Sally I know is alive." 

Michael starred at the Doctor, his questions dying on his tongue at this revelation. A tremor crawled through his body and made a home on his fingertips. The Doctor embraced them with her own hands gently, holding them tight.

"Can… can I see her?" Michael spoke, his eyes pleading. He wanted so much for the Doctor to say yes. But what he received was a slow shake of the head and a terrible look on the Doctor’s face where her eyes showed how truly old she was.

"I’m sorry… I can’t. It will cause the universe’s balance to fail. Some fates are not meant to be meddled with."

Michael suddenly released himself from the Doctor’s comforting touch and got up to face the Time Lord. “What… You can’t just tell me Sally’s alive and expect me to sit here and accept that I can’t ever see her again! You have to let me see her. I won’t tell her anything about my Sally. But you have to let me see her, Doctor.” 

The Doctor slowly rose to her feet. “You know I can’t… I’m sorry, Michael. But that’s something I cannot let happen.”

Michael opened his mouth to protest again but before he could continue, the Doctor put a necklace into his hands. It had a silver bird on its linked chains. Michael starred at it and felt the tears start to prickle his eyes.

"Doctor… you said my Sally’s death was no accident. What did you mean by that? I saw it happen… I was there. I… I was the one driving the car."

"Have you ever felt someone watching you? A presence behind you that you couldn’t put a finger on. Always… like a tickling sensation you’re not meant to have for a long period of time?" The Doctor inquired.

"I thought it was just me… doesn’t everyone have that happen to them? At some point everyone’s always looking at you when you’re outside."

The Doctor shook her head. “Not just when you’re out in public. Have you sensed something other than yourself starring back at you. Did you blink when you were driving that car?”

"I- of course.." Michael’s voice trailed off. "What are you trying to say, Doctor?"

"You blinked. The angels took away your time in that split second, prevented you from driving safely back. They had a personal vendetta against Sally because her other self had aided me in saving the Tardis. They killed your Sally because they wanted a victory of their own in this universe."

The Doctor’s voice became even graver than it already was. “And because they wanted you. They were trying to get your attention. You’ve managed to ignore them for 22 years because of the effects of the crack on your wall. It helped you forget… until that day when you saw an angel.”

Michael felt as if a knife had been stabbed through his heart at the Doctor’s words. It drained him of whatever energy that helped him keep a footing on the ground. He slumped to his knees and let the tears bleed, soaking his clothes and dampening his palms as they hid his face. He felt a soft embrace and leaned into the Doctor’s warmth, this time letting all resistance fade.

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