+ Doctor Who // Gender!Swap (WHAT IF: FANDOM AU) || Part I, II, III, IV, V
// Inspired by a fantastic conversation with my lovely bb, Anne <3

What if: 
The Doctor had recently regenerated to his next form, which just so happened to make his appearance into that of a young woman (Jennifer Lawrence). When her Tardis crashes into the backyard of a stranger’s home, she finds a young boy called Michael Pond (Michael Fassbender) living all alone with a mysterious crack on his bedroom wall. She agrees to help him, but due to a series of unfortunate events the Doctor unintentionally leaves Michael alone for 22 long years. However after a rather unexpected reconciliation, the pair go off into the universe to discover new planets and adventures. 

However during their travels, they were followed by the Weeping Angels who all waited for the best time to strike. It turns out that the angels had a sinister plan - one that involved Michael to open the door of the Time Lock. The reason why he can unlock it is because somehow Michael had become the man who was never supposed to exist. He had an immunity against time, which is why the angels could not take him away sooner. Michael needed to become aware of them for the angels to be able to influence him. (The reason why he is the Man Who Never Existed is because he had never been born. He was just… there. An existing force. He is only here because his parents lived in an alternate world where they had been thrown into another timeline… *winkwink* Yes, it is the original Ponds.)

When the Doctor realizes their intentions, it is too late.  

"Michael…" the voices called, beckoning him to follow. To listen.

"No, Michael! You have to shut them out! Don’t listen to them!" The Doctor shouted as she tried make Michael hear her. But the angels kept on singing a tune that slithered and wrapped itself onto Michael, latching onto him like a python over a stolen egg. They were not going to let go of him now.

"Raise your hand. Open… open…" The angels cried out in unison, gathering around Michael as they pointed their stone fingers at the emptiness. To a mere mortal, it was nothing but pure air. But to a keen eye, they would be able to see a dark shadow of a door with a single, ancient inscription on it.

The Doctor’s voice was lost in a frenzy of music that filled Michael’s hearing as he felt an almost untraceable will lift his hand. His feet absent-mindedly carried him closer to the dark door. With each step he felt the glee and joy of the angels as they seduced him to do their will.

"No…!" The Doctor cried out as she struggled to break free from her bonds. She tried everything, even attempted to bite her way out to freedom but it was no use. Until Michael truly woke up from his spell, she was trapped and helpless to save him from himself. She knew that when Michael opened the door, the time lock will be broken and time will have no fixed points in time. She would be able to go back in time to right her wrong with the Ponds. Her Amy and Rory Pond. The ones she had failed to save.

A hand closed around the blackened doorknob and then Michael clicked it open, letting a gust of unearthly air into the universe. 

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