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What if: 
The Doctor had recently regenerated to his next form, which just so happened to make his appearance into that of a young woman (Jennifer Lawrence). When her Tardis crashes into the backyard of a stranger’s home, she finds a young boy called Michael Pond (Michael Fassbender, younger self played by Chandler Canterbury) living all alone with a mysterious crack on his bedroom wall. She agrees to help him, but due to a series of unfortunate events the Doctor unintentionally leaves Michael alone for 22 long years. However after a rather unexpected reconciliation, the pair go off into the universe to discover new planets and adventures.

It quickly becomes apparent however that the Weeping Angels had a plan… They use Michael as a key to undo the time lock, enough to drag one Time Lord out of his imprisonment. A man that the Doctor had once considered a friend. Now an enemy, the Master (Tom Hiddleston) is free… and he intends to cause as much mischief for the Doctor as possible. And that included using Michael to become bait to lure the the Doctor out.

"So… you are the Doctor’s new pet!" The Master drawled, eyes filled with mockery. Michael could see the crazy on him, thought he could almost smell the whiff of insanity that seemed to be oozing out of this man.

"Who are you?" Michael spoke cautiously, backing away when the stranger moved closer.

"I see the Doctor hasn’t kept you informed. He probably thought you wouldn’t need to know about me cause I wasn’t any threat! Oh boy, was he wrong!” The Master giggled, his eyes dangerously wide and lips opening to show off his pearly white teeth. It was unsettling the way this man laughed so joyously. “I am the Master.”

"You mean ‘she’." Michael corrected the strange man in spite of himself.

The Master eyes narrowed slightly. “She? Oh, so he regenerated into a female form. Interesting. Doesn’t happen often to us Time Lords, usually we have a fixed gender we’d like to stick with. But then again, occasionally it’d be nice to have a body to admire in the mirror. Not that I hate my appearance now, of course. Look at me! I’m handsome!” He said so with a slight twirl, as if he were wearing a dress to show off.

Michael did not respond, merely watched the stranger as he stopped his dance. When the Master looked at him, Michael stared back at him not with fear but with a burning defiance against this man who took him prisoner against his will. 

"Well, you’re no fun aren’t you? The Doctor’s former pets did lots of tricks, y’know. One of them kept on reviving themselves, which was quite the sport. I always enjoyed the look of agony on the poor man’s face. Will you play with me?” The Master ended his sentence with a high pitched demand, like a child trying to catch their parents attention when they weren’t looking.



 Before Michael could even perceive what was happening, he felt a vice like grip strangle his neck and steal the breath out of him in a gasp. His hands immediately tried in an attempt to relieve them of the pain, but the Master’s hold on him was far too strong for him to fight against. Michael struggled hard to regain his freedom.

This seemed to amuse the Master even more, further pulling Michael upwards so that his feet were now in midair and flailing helplessly without any solid footing.

"Ah, ah, ahh… Angel boy, you should’ve said yes when you had the chance. Now you’ve just put yourself into a predicament. You are going to help me, whether you like it or not. But… I’m not such a bad guy. If you do what I want, I’ll give you something back in return…" The Master leaned in closer now, so close that Michael could feel his hot breath on his ears.

"I’ll give you back your beloved girlfriend." 

Michael’s eyes widened for a second, his struggle becoming less prominent. His eyes caught the Master’s and he saw his own reflection in those crazed orbs - it was the look of a man who suddenly felt hope.

"Oh, now you’re interested. Humans are so predictable. But then again, it makes everything easier for me.”

The Master suddenly let go of Michael and he dropped to the floor, coughing uncontrollably. His body shaking, it took a while for Michael to regain his voice back.

"What do you want me do to?" 

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