What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron / The Avengers - Pirates/Mermaids AU style

+ Inspired Music: If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray, Davy Jones and Mermaids by Hans Zimmer
- Also inspired by Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean and to this wonderful Merlin Pirate AU!

"Come child, listen closely. This is the story of a pirate who fell in love with a young sailor. A boy no more than the age of 16, who had once been a sailor on a ship that was later commandeered by none other than Captain Loki Laufeyson, the infamous owner of The Emerald Scepter. He was said to never take prisoners alive, yet just this time he had saved this lad… We don’t know what inspired him to turn away from death that day, but one thing was for certain. Slowly, but surely, the Captain had fallen for the sailor’s valiance, creativity and even his stubborn arrogance. 

Yet it was also known that his love for gold had been stronger, the thirst to rule the sea taking over his thoughts until even the sailor was forgotten. Only when he lost the young Tony Stark, for that had once been his name, during a battle fought in a storm, did the Captain truly realize his fault. He watched as the sailor-turned-pirate fell to the depths of Davy Jones’ locker with his name left as an echoing scream through his memory.

Burdened by grief over his loss, the Captain ripped out the most vital organ of his body that made him relatively close to human. He locks it away in a chest. He cursed the heavens and the skies listened, condemning him to a life of eternity as a man without a soul, left with nothing but his gold. Captain Loki became known as the Trickster soon thereafter, haunting the seas in search of souls to capture and riches to steal.

It’s been believed that Tony had died in that battle. But you’ll be surprised to hear what I have to say next, my dear, for I am about to let you in on a little secret. Although the waves did catch the sailor and dragged him deep within the depths, he was lucky enough to be saved by a beautiful mermaid called Pepper, born with the heart of fire. And mermaids only saved humans if they knew they would be worthy of this gift.

It takes another three years for fate to reunite them again. Three long years in which Loki had become feared by all for his sturdy grip on death that could be unleashed should he give the order. Long moments in which Tony had tried to seek the Captain that had once saved him only to never be able to cross paths with him. Numerous times he tried to do so in certain towns in which Tony can shed himself of his fins for one day on the day he had died… and had brought him back to life.

During a particularly brutal ambush in which Loki’s disfigured crew struck down on the mermaids after hearing that they were worth thousands of gold, dead or alive, they successfully manage to capture Tony. When Loki - now a parody of humanity in which he is a walking beast of a creature, covered from head to toe by the color of the dark sea and eyes reddened by the blood of his victims - sees Tony, he is not sure how to respond. But in the end Loki releases him back to the waters, with the threat that he leave and never come back again.

I’m sure you can probably guess that Tony would have none of that. He follows Loki’s ship in spite of those threats for it doesn’t make a difference. He doesn’t care that Loki has no heart, that he is horrendously mutated to the point of no return or even the innocents he’d killed and enslaved. What he knows to be true is that this man was - and always will be - the man who had once given him mercy in the face of certain death. And Tony had once vowed to never abandon him until death swallowed him whole.

But while Loki and Tony’s tale could have had it’s great end with a last chapter that consisted of a happy ending, this story I am telling you does not finish in such a manner. Yes, there is forgiveness among them… yet there is more. For certain men had come to the knowledge that to rule the sea, they must first take possession of the Captain’s black, heating heart. And the leverage followed the Emerald Scepter like a glowing gem, ripe for the taking.

I see I’ve caused you much distress. I am not in any way a cruel storyteller, I translate the songs that have been passed on, whispers that needed to be deciphered and heard. Many have spoken that these foolish soldiers had tried to steal what had always been Loki’s by bringing Tony away from the waters, not knowing that such an act will end with their blood on his lips (for they eat the flesh of men). Another had told me once that the Captain had staked the culprits after his boxed heart. Others say they died in a final battle against these humans. 

It’s not known as to what had become of them… however there is one truth to the matter that I shall reveal to you and you alone. At night, when the sky has no stars and the air is smothered to the point where mist touched your skin intimately, you will come across the glow of emerald - the dark shape of a ship with features ravaged by the ocean waves and hollow as the bony ribs of a man. And perhaps what looks the glimmer of fin against the darkness.”

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