Day 1: Write some basic things about yourself

 YAY! :P So I found this 30 Days Challenge on someone’s tumblr, and, since I haven’t done one before, I thought I’d give it a try! :) In other words… boring facts about me, lmfao! But you can always, y’know, blackmail me about it on occasion if you want. :P Not that I’m encouraging you or anything… *shifty eyes* lol!

Hmm, basic things about myself… Basic. *_* -thinks hard-

Well, I obsess about something a lot when I really like it, especially books/tv/music/movies, lol. Or hobbies, depending on what interests me. But sometimes when I concentrate on it too often my obsessions suddenly breaks and one day I’m not into it anymore. It’s strange and sad. I’m left with fond memories about it though and then I move on to something else. :P

Oh and I eat just about anything. Although not bugs. And raw parsley.

Atm I have a bit of a fetish of sorts for anything antique, like old typewriters, chandeliers, keys, venetian masks (the kind that appeared in the Vampire Diaries worn by Katherine), fashion in the 1930’s, etc. :P Something about it gives off this really deep, electric vibe about it, lol. :P

I don’t have pets, I want to but I can’t cause the place I’m living in isn’t pet-friendly. I did care for a few when I was small though. :P I had three hamsters called Hug, Kinkuma (short for Golden Bear in Japanese) and Ham (Short for Hamster, lol.)… one turtle called Star although my family usually called him Kame. And one fish, I’m not sure what kind.

Whenever someone meets me I’m really shy, but when they get to know me they know just how insane and ridiculously energetic I am! xP Especially after meeting a fellow fangirl-ee! (Although it depends on the day and mood though, lol. I can be really sarcastic when I want to be. o_O!)

show notes

+ Frostiron
+ In The Flesh

+ Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
+ Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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