Soul Seeker AU // Story Description

I’m jotting the whole story down cause youtube’s being an major ass and won’t let me write a long description. So I wrote it on here as a link back, lol. I hope it’s not confusing! (Putting it behind a cut cause its big, lol.)


Erik is a Loss on the run from his own people because he has stolen something… a precious resource.

Charles is a Whisper, also in hiding from the Losses that had massacred his whole family and civilization with them. He is bent on revenge and would do anything to obtain this goal.

They meet by mere coincidence.

The Loss soldiers finally catch up with Erik. Erik is at their mercy when Charles intervenes, defeating all the soldiers and presumably saving Erik from being captured again.

But when Erik thinks he’s been saved, Charles’s true intent lies in killing this Loss just so he can sate his bloodlust. He attempts to do this but instead a voice intervenes him, crying out for him to stop.

He is shocked to find that Erik is a Loss with a soul. Losses are all born without souls so Charles reluctantly stops his attempt to kill this Loss.

Erik is also surprised to find that one Whisper had still lived and inquires whether Charles is the last of his kind. Charles recalls that fateful day when he lost everything that he had ever known and loved.

- The clip sort of skips around here at some point to Erik’s memory of when he stole the soul. -


Considered to be the last Soul in existence, Erik thought that by stealing it he’ll be able to gain a higher rank within his people’s hierarchy. Most Losses are all categorized into three sections. Erik was born in the middle class so he wanted to be a step ahead than his comrades… or rather rivals since he hated just about everyone and cared about no one but himself.

When he steals the soul, however, it latches onto him and becomes a part of Erik. The minute he does, he sees everything that he didn’t know existed when he was without a soul. He could feel everything.

(I sort of represented that “emotion/love/wonder” kind of bit with clips of constellations, forests and all that… for lack of good clips, sorry! *hides*)


Charles and Erik come to an understanding after their initial misunderstanding. Charles offers to help Erik balance out his emotions because as a Whisper, he is highly sensitive to anyone with a soul. He can hear their thoughts and feel what they feel.

But Charles also wants to make Erik stay with him because he wanted to know all about the Losses… their habits, weakness, everything. Anything that he can use against them. (He doesn’t say it though, merely just smiles at Erik.)

Erik is clueless and grateful for this offer because he still can’t quite control his emotions nor understand them. He tells Charles that he’s indebted to him for his help but when Charles, out of mere habit, tells him that there is no such debt, Erik cannot be happy about because he harbors a lingering guilt in his heart.

They move out to find better shelter, moving through the vast desert (that had once been the home of all Whispers). During their journey, Erik’s guilt starts to eat away at him.

Finally, he can’t stand the thought of keeping it secret and reveals the truth to Charles that he had been one of the men that had attacked the Whispers.

Charles is horrified and also angry about this, but instead of killing Erik out of rage and turning into a monster himself, he gives Erik mercy. Because he can feel how much guilt Erik has now that he has a soul. He forgIves Erik, in spite of everything.

Whispers are originally born in an environment where there is love, caring and forgiveness so in the end Charles chooses that path over killing Erik. 

Erik notices Charles’s scars (just imagine those blocky patterns are scars please X_X;;) and he knows almost immediately that Charles had sustained them during the huge fires that burned down all the Whispers’s homes.

They start to form a far more deeper bond and they move on…

*** (And that’s not quite the end of the story but since I’m writing this whole story to make as a book - if I’m really lucky that is, lol - I thought I’ll end the video/story there! :P Thanks for reading this far! XD)

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