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Never trust a Marvel trailer

 - Everyone after watching the actual movie (via horns-of-mischief)

Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard.

 - Japanese Proverb (via kushandwizdom)
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Anyone who dismisses her as eye candy didn’t watch the same movie I did, and ought to go sit in a corner and think about their misogyny.

I mean, god, it’s the little things.  That “who do you want me to be?” she asks Steve while they’re in the car is just so raw.  This is a woman whose entire life has been defined by ‘who do you want me to be?’ and so she falls back on it because she has nothing else left.  And Steve doesn’t buy into the trap and just says “how about a friend?”

And god, her face when she thought Nick Fury was dying. The sheer level of silent devastation she’s trying not to show and failing.  

I just cannot get seeing this moving and not seeing Natasha. Because if you just dismiss her as eye candy, that’s what you’re doing (I’m looking at you, several male reviewers). 

Today’s list of standout Natasha moments (it varies):

  • Reaction to Nick’s death.
  • Reaction to NIck’s not being dead (she looks so wounded under the physical pain and confusion).
  • Suiting up and infiltrating the WSC meeting with Pierce with a gunshot wound to her shoulder. 
  • Speaking of that, saving their asses shortly after getting said GSW, using a heavy piece of equipment even while she could barely stand.
  • Using the widow’s bite on herself.
  • That moment where she pauses to gird her emotional loins before she respond’s to Pierce’s jab about the world seeing her as she is (which it wouldn’t, because of course who she is and how she is is not what she’s done).
  • The steely-eyed, contained anger bubble gum snap. (Most bad-ass use of bubble gum ever.)

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Uncle Ken educating kids the right way

so upset he died.

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I think you know about what this gifset is

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I started writing in college. I had a great playwriting teacher who said ‘you should write’. It almost hadn’t occurred to me that that was something I could do. I was a theater fanatic when I was in high school and –– Wendy Wasserstein? Caryl Churchill? I could count on one hand the women I knew who wrote plays. Every great American playwright was a man. And so I just sort of were like, ‘they’re men, they’re probably smarter than me, I can’t do it’. And then someone was like ‘Why did you ever think that? You can totally do it.’ But I think if you don’t have examples, it’s very hard to imagine yourself doing it.

[ Greta Gerwig on the importance of women as screenwriters | x ]

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It’s all about A.D.T - attention to detail.

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Early on in the season, the show very much focused on the love triangle between Mary, Francis and Bash. Were you pleased that the show kind of moved on from that quite quickly? (x)

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