Unsteady | In The Flesh

Song: Unsteady by X Ambassadors
Download: Here
Notes: A video centered around Kieren’s parents and how they felt (and also dealt) towards Kieren’s death, return and ultimately towards his growth.

"If you love me, don’t let go…"

Kiss Me With Your Bullet || For BJ / Frostiron

WARNING: SPOILERS for IRON MAN I, II, THE AVENGERS and THOR I, II! Flashing clips and also includes NSFW scenes as well!

This is for BJ, who requested Blue Stahli music + Frostiron! XD And it was her birthday so this is a belated bday gift for her! ;D <3 (Sorry it turned out a little very creepy though! *sheepish grin*)

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- Set during Iron Man 2 -


Tony presents his first Stark EXPO, but is interrupted when an intruder by the name of Loki Laufeyson crashes the ceremonies, wreaking havoc, forcing Tony to suit up and meet him face to face.

After a few days, however, in spite of Loki supposedly being ‘captured’ by the authorities, Tony finds him back at his Malibu Mansion with a challenge he can’t refuse. He quickly starts to come to the realization that the god was infatuated with him. And Tony can’t deny the attraction he feels for Loki physically, and perhaps, intellectually. So he plays along with Loki’s game out of amusement.

What Tony didn’t hold into account was once he accepted Loki’s challenge, he was actually signing himself over to be Loki’s - completely, body and soul.

[[ Continued in video description ]]

if the heavens ever did speak | Kieren + Simon | #SaveInTheFlesh 
Song: Take Me To Church by Hozier

My lover’s got humour
She’s the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshiped her sooner

The Mockingjay Lives || THG

Your Soul | Cherik

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men: First Class & X-Men: Days of Future Past!
Your Soul by Rhodes
Download: Here

"Oh you know when you’re alone,
I am holding on and on and on and on,
To your soul, your soul, your soul, YOUR SOUL.”

"And then there’s you…" || Kieren + Simon | #SaveInTheFlesh

" And I look you in the eye
You know this is the last time I’m
Gonna put you back together.

Lost Track || In The Flesh / Kieren + Simon
Music: ‘From Above’ - Rae Morris
Download: Here

" Lost track of time
It’s all in my mind
I’ll love you from up above.

Duped by the blinding light of my findings
I love you from up above.

Lost track of time, it’s all in my mind, I know
Lost track of time, I’ll love you from up above… “

Let it go, let it go! | Loki Style (Frozen / Thor AU) 

+ This is for the AMAZING Mina who inspired me with her Frozen!Loki idea! :P And she wrote this beautiful frostiron Frozen AU fic for my bday!! <3 It’s just a lot of crack and silliness lol!


+ I made a thing! XD


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+ Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
+ Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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