the glitch in the system

Let it go, let it go! | Loki Style (Frozen / Thor AU) 

+ This is for the AMAZING Mina who inspired me with her Frozen!Loki idea! :P And she wrote this beautiful frostiron Frozen AU fic for my bday!! <3 It’s just a lot of crack and silliness lol!


+ I made a thing! XD

Casual Affair | Frostiron (AU)

+ Story written inside the video info! 

"Looks innocent enough, doesn’t it? But sometimes there are dangers involved that never meet the eye. No matter where you meet a stranger, be careful if they are too friendly."

Back From the Dead || Sherlock (BBC, S3) 

You Know Who I Am || Frostiron (Vidlet AU)

Peace Was Never An Option | XMFC & XM:DOFP (SPOILERS AHEAD!) 

+ So begins the revival of the CHERIK Fandom and the inevitable amount of FEELS that shall follow! <3 (Not that I’m complaining, eheheee!)

NUMB; So much more aware… - Iron Man Fanvid 

+ Shameless linkage of my really old Tony Stark video tribute, back when I still only knew how to make videos on my iMovie HD. This is actually one of my favorites in terms of iMovie made ones! :P

Anyways, I sometimes go back and watch my old stuff cause I used to cut so crazily that I would have probably given someone a bit of a migraine, lol. But I look back so I could check and see if there’s anything I could do to continue to improve on my vidding skills now! :P

Wrecking Ball | Frostiron (AU)

+ Ehehehe it’s finished! There’s one scene that was inspired by this gorgeous gif-set by lokiofasgard! :D The story is in the description box of the video! :)

Echo | Part I // Frostiron 

+ Yay the first part is done! :D Second part is in the works! ;) Thanks to everyone for commenting, liking and sharing the preview video, you guys are the BEST!!!