What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron / Dragon Riders AU
(Inspired by How to Train Your Dragon and Eragon) | 
WARNING: Spoilers!

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Summary: Upon turning the age of 16, an initiation ceremony is held to grant the village’s young Vikings a chance to choose their own dragon egg and move on to become a dragon rider. If a dragon decides not to hatch, this disgraces the youth’s family for becoming a rider symbolized adulthood. To be chosen was to be honored.

Tony, born under the Stark family, is the son to the villages chieftain and respected leader, Howard Stark. While his dragon egg does hatch, he is still considered a disappointment to his father, who thinks no better of him than he does of sheep. (Although, in truth his father blames him for killing his mother at birth.) He has frequent outbursts of rebellion against the elder Stark.

Loki is the second son of the Odinson family, a black sheep and mischievous trickster of the village. He wants nothing more than to prove to his father that he was destined to be the next great dragon rider and to show how worthy he was for the crown. But on the day of the initiation, the egg he chooses does not hatch. He tries with a few more eggs, thinking this was a grave mistake, but none of them hatch for him. 

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Part II of ECHO / Frostiron TEASER VID

+ Here’s a teaser for Part I of Echo! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the whole video before the end of this month! ;D 


After the battle in New York, Tony wakes up with no memories whatsoever of Loki and the relationship he had with him. Every trace of him is gone from memory, something that SHIELD and the Avengers team decides to keep from him to ensure his safety. (Or so Director Fury implies, but SHIELD’s real reasoning was to keep Tony compliant and to retain Tony’s moral’s for their own benefit).

However, ever since he’d woken up, Tony can’t shake the feeling he’s missing something crucial that he’d forgotten. He tries to readjust himself to his old routines and but fails to do so, causing his his friends to worry. He decides to retrace his steps back to when he was young, as he has a feeling he’ll find what he was seeking…


A younger Tony Stark comes across a strange phenomena occurring outside of his house and decides to go out to investigate, intrigued. What he discovers is more than he could have possibly imagined.

Guys! I need your help with one scene I’m trying to find in Thor!

Does anyone know where the scene when Loki’s picture (in a children’s book, I think) appears in the Thor movie? Kind of like these below, but with Loki on it instead?

I’m trying to locate it now in the movie but I can’t find it and I need to use that scene for the Echo/Part 2 Frostiron vid I’m making! TwT

Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!


Just found these sitting in my files and thought I’d share my horrible sketchy sketches x)


I blame zapiarty for getting me thinking about dragons.

I promise i’ll get back to work on commissions now.

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Pacific Rim AU » Tony Stark and Loki Laufeyson


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