You decided to join us. I’m a complex guy, sweetheart. I’ve been with girls like you. Not girls exactly like me. Well, it looks like we’ve got something in common after all. One outcast to another, I’d think of making more of an effort. What’s burning me up is why it means so much to you. I didn’t say goodbye. You’re home. I love her. You run, I con. Tigers don’t change their stripes. You taste like strawberries. You taste like fishbiscuits. I love him! I love you, too. Why the hell would you do something so stupid? To save your life! Please! I’ll do anything you want! Close your eyes, Freckles. So, what, I’m your prisoner? If that sorta thing turns you on. How long do you think we can play house? Why don’t we find out? Just do it, Freckles. For him, for Sawyer. Everybody I cared about just blew up on your damn boat. I know what I can’t change. It doesn’t matter what I want. Oh, she’s beautiful… Looks just like you when she smiles. I guess we’ll figure that out together. I asked her to stay cause I didn’t wanted to be alone. You understand that, right? You and me are getting the hell off this island. What now? We jump. 


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top five caps - lost 3x06, i do

I miss ‘em… ;w;

One of the many things in LOST that I love…. KATE/SAWYER (And of course the Sawyer/Kate/Jack love triangle! <3)

I’m going to miss this, these two are so effin’ sexy together! <3


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THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE SEXIEST SAWYER GLARE ever. And Sawyer does a lot of SEX GLARES. Gosh, missing them already.


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+ In The Flesh

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