Not Yet Free - Arsenal

+ Saw these guys live, this song is freakin’ amazing! <3 Especially better live!


Tom Hiddleston just performed at the Wheatland Music Festival. He is learning how to play like Hank Williams for a bio pic from Rodney Crowell.


Here’s our new video for “Say My Name (feat. Zyra)” from ‘In Return’, out September 9th! We’ve been working on this video for months now and it’s a great feeling to finally release it. Don’t let the beginning of the video fool you… wait for it

Thanks to Stephanie Hunt for playing the beautiful lead character and to Ian Pons Jewell for working his directing magic on the whole video. Also, thank you to Twitter who had the world premiere and to Red Bull Music for the support!

We hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to pre-order ‘In Return’ at if you haven’t already!

track: In Your Pocket
artist: Maroon 5
album: V (Deluxe Version)
play count: 6155
track: Penny Dreadful main theme
artist: Abel Korzeniowski
play count: 2801

Mr. Quiche - Wildcat! Wildcat!

+ I think I’ve found my favorite band of the week! <3

Hero - Wildcat! Wildcat!

How long must I wait for you?
We’re taking on your hero,
Taking on your hero
We’re got one more night
One more dagger inside
Taking on your hero,
Taking on your hero
We gotta one more night,
How long will I stay to wait for you?


+ Frostiron
+ In The Flesh

+ Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
+ Sidebar Pic