ANGEL OR DEMON || Anna aka LightNeverFades  FANMIX Yourself Challenge 

i. skyfall - adele // ii. seven devils - florence and the machine // iii. illuminated - hurts // iv. beez in the trap - nicki minaj ft. 2 chainz // vi. oblivion - m83 ft. susanna sundfør // v. ghosts - the presets // viii. blue jeans - lana del rey // ix. samson - v v brown // vii. the hit house - basalt (music used in the ‘iron man 3’ trailer) // xii. over the love - florence and the machine // x. sherlocked - david arnold & michael price (sherlock: season 2 ost) // xi. run boy run - woodkid // xii. boys in love - the presets // xiii. stripped - shiny toy guns // xiv. on our way - the royal concept

Index for songs » 1. reminds you of your favourite season/day/month // 2. you prefer to listen to at night // 3. reminds you of someone you care about // 4. you cannot stand // 5. makes you feel like flying // 6. makes you feel like falling // 7. you listen to when you’re sad // 8. one song that you’ve fallen in love with recently because of the lyrics // 9. one instrumental song that you love // 10. you want to hear live // 11. is about something you love // 12. makes you want to run until you’re some place very far away // 13. Two songs that always bring a vivid image of something to your mind (can be a place, an action, a person : walking under the sunshine, taking a train, climbing on your rooftop, your dog, anything) // 14. a song that you want to share with your followers

Frostiron | Tony & Loki FANMIX

Bravado - Lorde … "Cause I was raised up, to be admired… to be noticed"

"No one can save me" … Wicked Game - Emika

Ignorance - Paramore … "Where’s your gavel, your jury? What’s my offense this time?"

"Cool me down, don’t be so hot" … Don’t Be So Hot - Me And My Drummer

Drop the Other - Emika"I’m so stupid and foolish, I dropped the other to be available now. Where are you to keep me faithful?"

"And it feels so good, and it feels so much better with you"Better With You - of Verona

 The City - Exitmusic"Oh, soldier, do what’s right, it’s a call before the chasms collide"

"i want God, if God wants me"Uncle Moutain - The Fire Theft

Thirst - Javier Navarrete (Byzantium OST) Instrumental

"Should I run, or should I stay and fight for you like I didn’t when I should have done. Fight for you like I never did enough" Drive - Alpines

The Sailor Song - Gadsdens "Let that be a lesson to me, think not with my heart but with my head"

"I may be drunk but I swear I’ll do no harm"The Criminal - Asbjørn

Centuries - Emika … “Centuries flow through me” 

InstrumentalHi-Finesse - Radius

Wildchild - Karin Park … "I’ve been a Wildchild"

"It’s not over, I’ll do it right this time"  - 
It’s Not Over - Chris Daughtry

On My Way to Heaven - Above & Beyond"A king of everything… and nothing"

He Felt Powerful || Hannibal Lecter / Will Graham) Fanmix

"Killing must feel good to God, too… He does it all the time, and are we not created in His image?" - Hannibal

Necessary Evil || The Dark Knight Rises: “Bane” Fanmix
+ Made for the Fanmix Meme | Requested by imstillguardingasses

1. Skyfall - Adele (Skyfall OST)
2. Run Boy Run - Woodkid
3. K.I.L.L - Nick Murray & Mark Moore (Looper OST)
4. Tokyo - Tomandandy (Resident Evil: Afterlife OST)
5. Army of Me - Bjork ft. Skunk Anansie (Sucker Punch OST)

Bonus: The Outsider by A Perfect Circle / Renholder Apocalypse Mix 
(Resident Evil: Afterlife OST) 


+ Frostiron
+ In The Flesh

+ Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
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