Going by wardrobe, this scene looks to fit in right after the scene with Stane in front of the arc reactor. In which case, this is when Tony returns to his own home after arriving back from captivity. If so, this is the first time he has had any kind of chance to see with his own eyes just how deep this device which is now keeping him alive penetrates his chest. Which organs it has compromised and displaced and how much a physical part of him it now is. No wonder the man looks so pensive and lost.

I really wish they had kept this scene and the one of him entering the house alone for the first time in the movie. I think they both add to the story and the development of Tony’s character.


Does anyone know where I can find the video for this deleted scene? Never mind I found it! :D

Will Graham → Hannibal 1.10 Buffet Froid

garrett hedlund | details magazine february 2013

“I’d hang out at the Borders Bookstore until it closed and then I would stick the book back on the shelf until the next day. That was safe. No one was going to buy three copies of [Charles] Bukowski’s Tales of Ordinary Madness by the next afternoon.” (Garrett on his high school handouts)

There’s the briefest of moments where we hold their life in our hands and then we rip it away and we’re left with nothing.


“There’s a man sitting with you today. His name is David. He is the closest thing to a a son I will ever have. He will never grow old and he will never die. And yet he is unable to appreciate these remarkable gifts, for that would require the one thing that David will never have: a soul.” —Peter Weyland

So this is where Elijah must’ve learned his coin trick.


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