the glitch in the system


little white lies…

Some extra stuff I made in bigger sizes, cause it’s easier to work big and then resize them later for gif-ing! :P (Mixed in the one for Gravity and the one for the Nogitsune!Tony one~)

What If: Fandom AU | Gravity (Spoilers) / Iron Man Crossover style | Frostiron
Inspired Music: Don’t Let Go - Steven Price (Gravity OST)

Mini Fic

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What if: Fandom AU | Teen Wolf x Iron Man AU / Nogitsune!Tony / Part II
+ Inspired by Mina’s awesometacular prompt! <3

"Not who are you, Tony. Who are we!”

What if: Fandom AU | Teen Wolf x Iron Man AU / Nogitsune!Tony / Part I
+ Inspired by Mina’s awesometacular prompt! <3
- Music: Our Demons - The Glitch Mob (ft. Aja Volkman)

"You think you can trick me, little fox? I am the God of Lies."

Tony’s smile slowly curled into a malicious grin. “You’re no fun. Let’s play a different game, shall we?”

"Your pressure point…"

"Your pressure point…"

I made a thing!

Feel free to use it if you’d like, lmfao! xD


"Can’t sleep, eh?"