Dad? Sam. Long time. You have no idea.

Hey, it’s got a zipper. 





I am willing to learn to walk in heels if it means I get those boots. 

i’m not screaming but i wish i was 


I will take a pair of both please.

Andddddd MANIPS I made for the Tron: Legacy/Frostiron crossover post, hooray!

What if: Fandom AU | The Grid || Tron: Legacy / Frostiron Style
Inspired music: Tron: Legacy OST, Tron Legacy: R3CONF1GUR3D Remix OST and Don’t Try by Fenech-Soler (Everything Everything Cover - White Version)

Note: Being reminded of Tron: Legacy suddenly made me want a FROSTIRON CROSSOVER OF IT. So I made this and now I’m extremely excited for something that would never happen. But one can hope the cast might just be chosen to play a character in the future Tron: Legacy series cause the new one hasn’t come out yet! :) 

Tony Stark as a User, Pepper Potts as a Program, Loki Laufeyson as the last living ISO, Howard Stark as a User (and his evil twin CLU) and J.A.R.V.I.S as a Program (aka the one who saves Tony’s ass numerous times and dislikes Loki).

Howard Stark was a visionary and a genius but he suddenly disappears one day, leaving his wife and son behind. The media worked up quite a scandalous storm in response to his disappearance, causing Tony’s mother to go into a deep depression. Tony, who was nevertheless fond of his father, never got over the fact that they had been abandoned.

So when one day he gets a text message from his father after years of never hearing from him, Tony is reluctant to answer it. But curiosity get’s the better of him and he goes to the address given to him to investigate, finding himself in a hidden room behind his father’s old office. Waiting for him inside was an old computer that he vaguely remembers his father had mentioned he was working on when he was little. 

Tony decides to connects his A.I. Jarvis into the system to find out what it’s made for, only to be pulled into the digital system and into the Grid…

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I'm not your father, Sam.
But I'm very, very happy to see you.

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