What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron / Dollhouse AU
Inspired Music: Dollhouse Opening Theme Song

Tony is an ‘Active’ within the LA Dollhouse system. When Loki is assigned to be his Handler, peculiar things start to happen.

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What If: Fandom AU | Frostiron + Cyberhusbands / Part III (Warning: Dub-con/NSFW fic?)

PLOT: What if JARVIS goes rogue and helps Loki mind-control Tony because his system realizes that Tony’s true potential lies in chaos rather than peace?

Fic #3

"This changes nothing," Loki’s voice was cold, but sounded brittle in Tony’s ears. "Mere animal impulses, driven purely by lust."

The mission was a success. He’d easily taken whatever Loki needed to assemble the machine used to create a wormhole within Earth’s atmosphere, bringing an alien army that would unleash it’s horrors down upon his home planet. Created a little chaos here and there, left a dashing puddle of blood in his wake.

It was almost too easy, what he’d done. 

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What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron Month
PROMPT 5: Alternate Universe // TFIOS (kind of) + Frostiron

What if Tony starts to grow sicker after the Avengers incident (when he went through the wormhole and was exposed to alien elements) and this forces him to rely on an external source for air so he can breath properly on Earth?

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What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron Month
PROMPT 5: Alternate Universe // Teen Wolf + Frostiron

In which Tony is bitten by a werewolf (although everyone thought it was some sort of rabid animal) and he starts to shift during his first full-moon. Loki attempts to calm him down….? More like being a little shit, as usual.


”- I’m fucking fin-argh!”

Pain like nothing he’d ever felt before gorged through his insides, ravishing his nerves, causing Tony to scream (a disentangled note of human vs wolf) and fall unceremoniously to the ground. Each part of his body, his muscles, flexed and tortured him by rearranging what normally would never have moved in the first place.

With bleary vision, Tony saw as his nails grew sharper like that of an animal’s. He felt his teeth forcing itself to make room for fangs to replace the former set of flat human teeth. He screwed his eyes shut tightly, fingers curling around itself and digging onto the floor (which was suddenly so soft). Oh god, why did his eyes burn like hell?

The way Loki spoke his name wasn’t a question. Almost like a statement, as if speaking his name was an attempt to confirm that his mind was still here.

Which it was. Why
shouldn’t it be?

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What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron Month
PROMPT 8: Kinks // Blue Eyes

"The Tesseract has shown me so much. It’s more than knowledge, it’s… truth."
"I know. It touches everyone differently."

What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron Month
+ William Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’ / Frostiron AU verse (Past lives-ish)

PROMPT 5: Alternate Universe

Caius Martius Coriolanus - Loki

Tullus Aufidius - Tony Stark

" We have been down together in my sleep,
Unbuckling helms, fisting each other’s throat,
And waked half dead with nothing. “

- Coriolanus, Act V, Scene 5

What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron / Prompt by CatsbyTheGreat
Prompt: Loki as the angel of death and Tony as the reckless human who is too quick to put his life on the line.

"I will not claim you, Stark. I refuse. 
Not after everything I’ve done to keep you alive.”

What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron / Prompt by frostironistheperfectotpPrompt: Tony having shrunk down to 6 inches

Oh, won’t you stay with me?' Cause you're all I needOh darling… stay with me.

What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron / Prompt by frostironistheperfectotp
Prompt: Tony having shrunk down to 6 inches

Oh, won’t you stay with me?
' Cause you're all I need
Oh darling… stay with me.

What If: Fandom AU | Frostiron / In The Flesh AU | For BJ! <3+ Big Pics / Inspired Music: War - Poets of the Fall, Youth - Daughter

And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones. 'Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone.Setting fire to our insides for funCollecting names of the lovers that went wrongThe     lovers     that     went     wrong.

S T O R Y (Warning: Spoilers!)[[MORE]]Tony Stark dies in Afghanistan during his captivity by the Ten Rings, after being captured an year before. However, as fate would have it, he is brought back as a zombie in 2009 during the First Rising. Tony is found and ‘saved’ like all the other people with the same ‘condition’, but he is treated no differently for his infamous reputation. When the US Military is finally alerted that he was ‘found’, Rhodey comes to pick him up. (The reunion is filled with manly tears.) When he comes back home, everything had changed. Obadiah was appointed as CEO of Stark Industries, Pepper had resigned (although she does come to see Tony, close to tears) and his old home had been rented out to someone who could afford it. (Justin Hammer had graciously solved that problem,)Flashbacks of his former life before his death, however, continued to haunt Tony wherever he went, causing him to carry a heavy weight on his shoulders. He remembers having memories of rising from his desolate grave within a cave emptied of evidence that he had once been a prisoner and forced to create weapons for the Ten Rings… Of drudging through the dirt, clawing his way around until the smoldering heat took him and burned his sensitive dead flesh, peeling away at his face and exposing his white irises… Of his undead feet and unquenchable hunger carrying him towards a village filled with innocents that he had not only helped to bomb, but inevitably come to devour…His company deems him ‘unstable’ to continue his return as CEO for Stark Industries, but in reality Tony knows they just fear him now for what he was, even more so than before when he had still be human and alive. He shuts himself away from the world, trying and failing to forget his past wrongdoings and the kills he had made during his ‘untreated’ state. But his depression grows worse (especially because he wasn’t able to drink alcohol or consume anything to make him feel better about himself for just a little while). The only time he ever went out was when he drove his car, trying to outrun his himself for what he was now.During a chance encounter, Tony meets Loki, who is also a PDS sufferer and a man on a mission. He quickly finds out that Loki followed The Undead Prophet’s beliefs and was also one of his 12th Disciples. And had been following him for a while. Not creepy at all. But this ultimately saves his life when Loki pushes him out of harms way from an attempted ‘assassination’ from one of the hate groups against PDS sufferers. (Tony doesn’t know that Loki had been intentionally following him though. He thinks Loki was just in the right place at the right time.)He invites Loki back to his place so he can thank him and gradually they start to meet again. Despite some differences, both Tony and Loki quickly becomes attached with one another more so than either one of them ever thought possible.Loki teaches him about how this second life was a blessing, not a curse, and gives new meaning to Tony’s life. Slowly, Tony starts to feel better about himself until he finally has the courage to share his flashbacks of the First Rising with Loki.Loki shares his own story about how he had been deceived by his adoptive parents about his real heritage and how he had never been their son by blood. He tells Tony how he had turned to death when the denial for acceptance by his father had grown too far to the point where he just couldn’t go on any longer. After the rising, the only person that had come to pick him up had been his adoptive brother, Thor. When he had asked of his father and mother, Thor had stiffened. But eventually Loki gets the truth out of him to reveal that he had attacked his mother, Frigga, during his untreated state. In the end, Loki couldn’t bear to stay with Thor and leaves on a path that led him to The Undead Prophet and in search for the First Risen.One that Loki had fallen in love with. A man he decides to save even after the Undead Prophet tells him to kill him, because in the end Tony saves him from his demons.

What If: Fandom AU | Frostiron / In The Flesh AU | For BJ! <3
+ Big Pics / Inspired Music: War - Poets of the Fall, Youth - Daughter

And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones.
'Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone.
Setting fire to our insides for fun
Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong
The     lovers     that     went     wrong.

S T O R Y (Warning: Spoilers!)

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