Just because someone stumbles and loses their path,
 doesn't mean they can't be saved.
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Your Soul | Cherik

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men: First Class & X-Men: Days of Future Past!
Your Soul by Rhodes
Download: Here

"Oh you know when you’re alone,
I am holding on and on and on and on,
To your soul, your soul, your soul, YOUR SOUL.”


#the way Eriks face just drops though


#so erik grew up his entire life #thinking he was a freak and a monster #and no one could possibly care for nor understand nor love him #and charles comes into his life #and changes all of that #and gives him hope and shows him serenity and offers him love #and at the end of all that#even after he initially betrays charles #erik believes he’s doing the right thing #the /good/ thing #until this moment#when he hurts charles #with more than a punch or a betrayal #he’s sent to his knees screaming in agony #and erik realises #that although he thinks his path is the right one#he’s not a good person and he knows that #he’s /still/ a monster #because he wasn’t thinking charles is hurt and he’s /still a monster/ #he always was #always will be (via thedetectivedoesntdance)

You want society to accept you, but you can’t even accept yourself.

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Cherik sketch


Cherik sketch

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forward is calling and i cannot stay here; a parting of souls as i try to move on. how do i forget the dream you shared with me? (i know you’re here in my heart, please understand that i tried, try to see it’s not goodbye).

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