the glitch in the system

List of favorite films: X-Men: First Class (2011)

Mutant and proud.



You know Charles, I used to think it was going to be you and me against the world. But, no matter how bad the world gets, you don’t want to be against it do you? You want to be a part of it. 




Charles and Erik finally reconcile


Charles and Erik finally reconcile


Actorsverse Media Masterpost

The Proper Care of Actors | Love (is) Love

I just realised that we’ve never consolidated the media for Actorsverse. Most of these were made by silaana (to whom I am eternally indebted), unless otherwise stated in the chapters. Tumblr’s resized everything, so you’ll need to open the pictures in a new window if you’d like to read the articles, or check out the fic links given above for the full-sized versions.

29 more images after the cut.

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Peace Was Never An Option | XMFC & XM:DOFP (SPOILERS AHEAD!) 

+ So begins the revival of the CHERIK Fandom and the inevitable amount of FEELS that shall follow! <3 (Not that I’m complaining, eheheee!)


It’s going to take two of us.

We need you to hope again.

I want you by my side.